How to Maximize Productivity

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How to Maximize Productivity

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Given the pace of the competitive times that we live in, planning is key to ensure timely and qualitative execution of one’s daily activities, in order to obtain desired results and reap in desired benefits. Today, we live in a world where outputs are expected at a steadfast rate with little or no room to breathe. Technology has made it easier for the tech-savvy millennial generation to keep up to their routines but there are many who prefer going about their daily activities with a traditional approach. In such instances, how does one ensure that productivity is maintained to deliver the said results?

To begin with, you need to PLAN. Irrespective of where are you placed within the organization, it is important that you sort out how your day is going to shape. Start with listing the activities; you perform on a daily basis. Later, add the tasks that are expected from you in the current scenario. Accordingly, you need to prioritize what needs to be knocked off first from the list. Create notes in your diaries/planners or list them on an app that lets you sort your schedule with alarm notifications assigned for each task. If the need arises, detailing your tasks out will also help you be mindful about the methods you need to deploy in order to ensure completion. Planning helps in delivering the maximum output within lesser time, hence, leaving enough time for an individual to pursue hobbies/pastimes pertaining to his/her interests.

A necessary factor to keep in mind would be distractions. It’s best to avoid phone calls unless and until it is an emergency. Keeping your phone away is the most advisable precaution to ensure qualitative output. Adopting the habit of reading in your spare time or trying to solve a puzzle is much more advisable and a pleasant diversion for the mind to relax, following a lengthy and tedious day. In fact, researchers have proved that spending qualitative time doing a hobby or anything that refrains you from using the phone proves to be much more beneficial for the mind than resorting to checking out your friends’ social media posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Being less offline can ensure a more productive, creative and sound mind that eventually will help keep anxiety and depression at bay, which is prevalent around us due to our constant use and addiction of our smartphones.

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