Enable your sales team to perform better

Enable your sales team to perform better

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Companies across the world belonging to almost all sectors outsource totally or at least some part of their sales operations to experts who provide market tested expertise across multiple domains within the sales cycle.

It acts as a risk buffer for your organisation, especially if you’re an SME as it firstly dilutes your risk of operating a full sized sales team and reduces your man hours spent on training them to become market ready.

Expertise comes differently to different people and job roles, a good technical CEO cannot be tasked with developing an outstanding marketing and sales department which immediately delivers tangible results. Focus on what you know, perfect that – let someone else worry about the rest.

There are more than a few advantages of outsourcing your sales & marketing departments, we will elucidate some of the reasons which make this decision an easy one:

  1. A good sales partner can showcase industry standards against which results can be measured. Owing to their time spent in the market developing expertise in this domain, they’re aware of the metrics which are prevalent in the market and what needs to be followed during various times of the selling year.
  2. Strategy development comes naturally to these outsourced marketing teams, thy’ve spent years perfecting launching and subsequent activities often by hit and trial methods, time and resources which you can’t spend each time you want to add something to your outreach. Outsourcing of these tasks enables you to keep your attention on other vital tasks for your business needs.
  3. It takes more than a couple of months to get your pre-sales teams market ready including your marketing outreach etc, a comprehensive sales team is another matter completely. Hiring partners can cut that time short to weeks as there are ready procedures with trained experts to make your life easier and give you results from the word go!

There might be many other reasons which would compel you to think about outsourcing this important aspect to experts in their domains. However, there are many who still like to micromanage all aspects of their business, running a Go To Market strategy with expert vendors can clearly define whether your approach, size, strategy, priority are sound or they need some alteration. If not the entire department, a part of sales & marketing needs to be outsources. When companies like IBM, Dell, Oracle, HPE, Fuze, Adobe need assistance with their ‘more-than-god’ resources, you might need to revise your decisions.