Demand Generation

Long Term Engagement

Demand generation is an ideal methodology for an organization looking for an engagement with their prospects which is not based on one-time returns. At its very core Demand generation is a mutually beneficial and cohesive exercise undertaken for creating a recurring interest in any product or service. The positioning and awareness of a brand are undertaken in a manner which gives the idea of its longevity rather than a one-time use.

Recurring Beneficial Relationship

Lead generation gives one of the highest return on effort and time as opposed to other marketing activities as here the resource and prospect have a 1:1 engagement rather than mass advertising, where the message is not customized based on individual responses and the follow ups can be inaccurate.

Intent Creation

We have various engagements models, the blueprints of which are made in consultation with our clients, to target different roles and interest levels of prospects. We generate leads by CS, Email, TM, Newsletter, and Subscriber list targeting. Each prospect is at a different stage of decision making, we help you further those stages till closing and supply individualized messages for the same effort.

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