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How to Maximize Productivity

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Given the pace of the competitive times that we live in, planning is key to ensure timely and qualitative execution of one’s daily activities, in order to obtain desired results…

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Know More About GDPR: Colada

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General Data Protection Regulation – the new law which protects the absolute privacy of all EU citizens residing anywhere in the world. It gives EU citizens complete right over how…

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Everything is changing: Why shouldn’t your approach change too?

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As NetProspex found, 37% of B2B marketers complain that they do not have enough data points on their prospects to leverage effective segmentation. Accenture’s report adds credibility to this point,…

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Enable your sales team to perform better

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Companies across the world belonging to almost all sectors outsource totally or at least some part of their sales operations to experts who provide market tested expertise across multiple domains…

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Them bad sales days & how to get over them:

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I’ve had colleagues, seniors and most of the sales people I know go through the throes of what seems like never ending slumps. No prospects seem to appreciate their offerings,…

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Most common make or break points in every sales cycle: 

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The topic of sales cycle is barely covered in an entire semester or even after 10s of meetings the sweet spot of your approach is fuzzy at best. The point…

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Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation

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Most of sales and marketing personnel’s professional lives revolve around lead generation and demand generation. Often used interchangeably these two approaches of information exchange are co-dependent but not the same.…

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Challenges of Marketers

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Marketing – the function which founds the cornerstone of an effective outreach of an organisation, happens to be one of the most burdened, poorly funded, top heavy, pressured department of…

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