Appointment Generation

Appointment Generation is one of our core competencies, our founders have a cumulative experience of 27 years of adding value to their clients by helping them generate appointments for presentation/demo after qualifying their intent to purchase. Appointment generation happens to involve all the steps of a sales funnel, from prospecting, to reach-out, to qualifying and finally setting a date and time where the prospect is genuinely curious and wants further engagement with a product/service.

Getting face time with decision makers and influencers is a cumbersome task where all our experience is called upon so that we deliver meetings for our clients which have a tangible outcome in terms of both monetary and relationship aspects.

Appointment Generation follows various steps to be taken at the optimum time to successfully convert an interested party to a genuine buyer.

Criteria Mapping


Intent Development

Opportunity Qualification

Authority Recognition


Appointment Setting



Appointment Generation also helps our clients find buying centers within an organization, where continual follow-up and opportunity understanding creates a perfect scenario for the presentation of value propositions in a way which creates synergy between the client and the prospect.