About Us

If I had 6 hours to chop a tree, I would spend 4 of those sharpening my axe – Abraham Lincoln

We plan your project!

Preparation precedes every readiness of action. Surveying, charting, planning, segregating, segmenting and targeting are the, often forgotten, core steps for any worthy result. At Coleda we provide you with attention to detail which has birthed methodologies for cost-effective, intent-based, quality guaranteed progression of your sales pipeline. We engage with you on an omnichannel, multi-touch, trackable approach till we deliver leads of better than expected returns.

The founders at Coleda are experienced practitioners of direct marketing and sales enablement totalling to 17 years of working knowledge of this industry among others. The passion of growth is instilled deep within Coleda, a direct catalyst of our endeavours to churn an idea to a tangible return. We understand that growth is never non-integral but true betterment lies in a mutually dependent environment of symbiosis.

Our pre-sales operatives are experienced callers in the B2B market space covering varied industries and practices; we employ the most dedicated professionals with an in-depth understanding of prospecting, nurturing, negotiating and closing.

With Coleda you get an indefatigable partner, unceasing in the effort and uncompromising on quality.

We’d love to help you on your next project.