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Revamp your business by refining the sales process and by introducing innovative sales strategies. Discover our efficient way to convert leads and generate client-base.


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Lead Generation

We work independently in addition to your sales team or become an extended arm of your sales body to generate avid interest in your offerings. Our lead generation resources are experienced professionals who gauge the interest level and intent to engage of a prospect, qualify leads with customized questions and pass these hot leads timely for you to perpetuate your business relationship with them.

Appointment Generation

Appointment Generation is one of our core competencies, our founders have a cumulative experience of 17 years of adding value to their clients by helping them generate appointments for presentation/demo after qualifying their intent to purchase. Appointment generation happens to involve all the steps of a sales funnel, from prospecting, to reach-out, to qualifying and finally setting a date and time where the prospect is genuinely curious and wants further engagement with a product/service.

Email Marketing

We use multiple email blasts and reach out techniques to syndicate newsletters, white papers, webinars and podcasts to the right party contacts within our list, based on individual necessities of our clients. We even qualify questions over the email for giving our clients a warmer lead and an insight into the goals of their prospects. We generate 10000 qualified email leads on a monthly basis, each of which are verified by our experienced Quality Analysts and passed on only after a confirmation.

Demand generation

Demand generation is an ideal methodology for an organization looking for an engagement with their prospects which is not based on one-time returns. At its very core Demand generation is a mutually beneficial and cohesive exercise undertaken for creating a recurring interest in any product or service. The positioning and awareness of a brand are undertaken in a manner which gives the idea of its longevity rather than a one-time use.